About Us

Our History

We proudly preserve a historic mill made by the Camplone Foundry of Pescara in the 1950s.

The stone mills once powered by the force of a horse, the dough dispenser, two 12 “hydraulic presses and the centrifugal separator made up a state-of-the-art plant, then updated with an eyelash transmission system and finally adapted to electrical operation.

Since 1998 we have embarked on the difficult path of organic agriculture using an olive press continuous method. It was Domenico Antonio who traced the path of a quality production tradition carried on by his son Gregorio, his nephew Giovanni and today by his great-grandson Gregorio Di Luzio.

A few numbers:

Hectares of land
Bottles a year
Generations of passionate producers

International awards

Santabarbara oil has been repeatedly reported by the Slow Food and GamberoRosso guides among the best organic oils in Italy. Donna Ludovica has received further awards, including international ones, such as BIOIL and NYAWARD.